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Powerful tool for law enforcement

CameraForensics provides a new source for evidence by exploiting information embedded in a digital photograph.

With just one sample photograph from a digital camera, CameraForensics is able to scan the internet for other photographs taken using the same camera.


CameraForensics finds new photographs posted online that have been taken with a camera reported as stolen – a strong lead towards identifying whoever is now in possession of the stolen goods, perhaps helping to close a violent robbery case, or providing previously unobtainable evidence of membership of criminal networks.


A camera has been falsely reported stolen as part of a fraudulent insurance claim. CameraForensics finds that the camera’s old owner posts new photos on the internet, highlighting the claim as fraudulent.


CameraForensics can also help in other, more serious, crimes. Please contact us for more details.

CameraForensics builds upon the success of StolenCameraFinder, an online tool used since 2009 by professional and amateur photographers to find lost and stolen cameras.

StolenCameraFinder has successfully reunited many cameras with their rightful owners, from those left in taxis to cameras taken during armed robberies.

  • Can provide strong leads in cases of theft, burglary and robbery.
  • Can uncover fraudulent insurance claims if the camera’s owner continues to post photos taken by a device reported as stolen.
  • Tool tracks when and where images are taken so it can also search for pictures taken in a specific timeframe and at a particular location if GPS data is available.
  • Provides ongoing, around-the-clock monitoring of data from cameras reported as stolen and alerts users when new images are posted online.

CameraForensics can cross-compare seized digital photographs and group those that have been taken with the same camera, helping to build cases and to link previously unconnected crimes and people.

CameraForensics watches in the background. Users put cameras on a watch-list and, with no further effort or interaction, they will immediately be alerted by email if a new photograph from their camera is posted online, anywhere in the world.

CameraForensics also knows when and, if GPS data is available, where a photograph was taken so searches can be made for photographs posted online that were taken in a particular location in a specific time window.

CameraForensics can provide a public facing website for a police force. As a complement to the standard crime reporting process this allows victims of crime to register a photograph taken from a stolen camera. Law enforcement can then use CameraForensics to put a watch on a stolen camera.

With just one sample photograph from a digital camera, CameraForensics is able to scan the internet for other photographs taken using the same camera.

Expert Consultation

We offer consultation services to a law enforcement and security professionals. If a camera or digital photograph is key to your case, we can use our tools and expertise to help make connections or unlock potential evidence. Please contact us to see how we can help.

Compatible with Griffeye Analyze

We have joined forces with Griffeye to offer tight integration within the Analyze application. This allows users to perform searches of the CameraForensics database, directly from the Griffeye Analyze application. Please contact us for more information.

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