What our agency partners say

“CameraForensics has been a great advocate for the use of technology for good. Their team give up their time freely to a worldwide group of law enforcement and private company workshops to work together in order to develop new and innovative software that helps to identify high-risk online criminals. The software developed by CameraForensics is now used by law enforcement worldwide to help identify and safeguard victims.”

“The team at CameraForensics have routinely shown initiative, timeliness and innovation in enhancing a tool that has become an integral part of some of our core processes. Within weeks of receiving licences for CameraForensics, our team were able to identify an offender from an unresolved case that was several years old. CameraForensics have proven themselves, time and again, to be a valued partner to the law enforcement community.”

The CameraForensics platform is currently used by Law Enforcement Agencies across the UK, North America, Europe and Australasia.


To transform online imaging intelligence by focusing global efforts through powerful technology and collaboration.


To lead and centralise global online imaging intelligence to safeguard victims worldwide.

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