CameraForensics Teams up with Pathfinder Labs

11 November, 2019


CameraForensics Teams up with Pathfinder Labs

CameraForensics is proud to announce a new partnership with New Zealand-based tech crime specialists, Pathfinder Labs, which will focus on developing an optimised solution capable of disrupting online child abuse networks.

Both companies share the view that collaboration between private companies and law enforcement is key to tackling the epidemic of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) and, ultimately, making society safer.

Matt Burns, Founder at CameraForensics, said: “We’ve known the people behind Pathfinder Labs for a long time and respect their technical knowledge and operational experience. Their values align with ours making partnership a no-brainer.”

Dave Ranner, Commercial Director at CameraForensics, added: “Partnerships like these are so important in our space. The more integrations out there and the more collaboration between private and public sector players, the better the results will be. We’re certain that our work with Pathfinder Labs will bear fruit and further display the importance of networks in tackling this awful crime.”

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Colm Gannon, Managing Director at Pathfinder Labs, said: “It’s been clear for some time that CameraForensics and Pathfinder Labs are on the same wavelength when it comes to creating tech specifically designed to have a positive social impact. To finally set this in stone is a great feeling and we’re really looking forward to working with Matt, Dave and the rest of the team in the near future.”

The Pathfinder Labs partnership adds to CameraForensics’s existing collaborations with Paliscope and Griffeye, designed to improve the effectiveness of investigations into global cybercrime.

As ever, CameraForensics will continue to develop the company roadmap with corporate social responsibility in mind.

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