Why We Integrate Our Platform With Other Industry Leaders

19 December, 2019

Matt Burns

Why We Integrate Our Platform With Other Industry Leaders

Our core motivation is to help safeguard victims of online crime. It’s also how we measure our success. Every business decision we make has this in mind and it’s why we integrate the CameraForensics platform with other industry leaders. We believe that to achieve the best results, we have to work together – across company lines, industry lines and border lines – to become more than a sum of our parts. And, thankfully, a lot of people in our space feel the same way. That’s because we all know that no one wins by giving law enforcement another tool to learn how to use. It’s better for everyone if we focus on improving what they’re already using to make them more effective.

Work to be done

The co-operative dynamic in the digital forensics space has yielded plenty of amazing results to date. Increasingly, we’re helping to close the gap between criminals and law enforcement, no matter where they are in the world, and make our society safer. But we know that we could always be doing more and collaborating better.Because finding the clue that cracks a case could rely on five different platforms communicating with one another. If only one link in the chain is missing, investigations can stall, and it can be months or years before another opportunity to take decisive action arises.

Building new links

The CameraForensics platform is already integrated Semantics 21, BlueBear, Web IQ, Project Arachnid and Safer Society Group members Griffeye and Paliscope. We also recently announced a partnership with Pathfinder Labs to help disrupt online child abuse networks and regularly collaborate with Project VIC partners.

But we’re always open to integrating our service with others who are helping to solve online crime. That’s because with bigger databases, more connections and more users of smart systems, we can help law enforcement win the war against online criminals for good.

To see how we could work together, please get in touch.

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